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トップ > English:Silica Sinter > English★Silica sinter 1 piece★Silicon-eluted ceramic that can be easily made and drink 150mg / L high concentration silicon water for 1 liter at a low price of only 3 yen or less.

English★Silica sinter 1 piece★Silicon-eluted ceramic that can be easily made and drink 150mg / L high concentration silicon water for 1 liter at a low price of only 3 yen or less.

商品コード : PSSS-EG06000
希望小売価格 : 10,000
価格 : 6,000円(税込)
ポイント : 120



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This page is the explanation page of silica sinter.


(★Only this page is also written in Japanese.)

This shop delivers only in Japan.

This product = Silica Sinter can be purchased from Rakuten, Yahoo shop, Amazon, etc.


(★Rakuten and Amazon have a display in English.)

◆Overseas delivery is only available on Amazon from August 5, 2019.

★理由 1:その他のショップでは送料が高額なので、お客様の負担が激増するからです。
★ Reason 1: In other shops, shipping costs are high, so the burden on customers increases dramatically.

★ Reason 2: Amazon can be cheaply sent to most countries in the world.


Description of item


朗報!自宅でシリカ水が 毎日3円以下で飲める ケイ素溶出セラミック

 商品名 『Silica sinter (シリカシンター) 』のご案内です。


Silicon is known to be good for maintaining health and eliminating toxins. 
However, annual use of plastic bottled silica water etc. is expensive.
But there is good news!

Silica eluted ceramic that can be drunk at a price of 3 yen or less daily
for silica water at home

  It is a guide of the product name
Silica sinter (silica sinter)".


販売価格 何と 6,000円
【お得サイズ  1100g入り】
(定価 10,000円)


Selling price now is

               6,000 Yen
[Advantageous size 1100 g ;
(List price 10,000 Yen)]


(In addition, free shipping) Price includes consumption tax


Raw material is 100% natural ingredients, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare acknowledges safe materials.
Developed by a company that provides this material as a raw material for food
Silicon eluted quartz ceramic.

ご注文は 今すぐ コチラ から
Order from here

       right away


Now we are selling at extended campaign prices! In addition, we offer a great set.


 ●2袋セット:表示の備品付き 11,000円      ●3袋セット:表示の備品付き 15,600円
 ●2 bag set: 11,000 yen with display equipment   ●3 bag set: 15,600 yen with display equipment


★ With equipment is only delivery in Japan. 



★Detailed description★


The reason for selling in Japan??
Part 1: Usage is very easy!
If you put 300 g of this product in a plastic bottle and tap water
and put it overnight,
In the next morning, we can drink mineral water (* 02)
containing high concentration of 150 mg / L silica!
 その2更に、1回分は、約150咫殖の高濃度でも『僅か 3円以下なので、

   毎日飲み続けても 6年9か月 も飲めるからです。

 Part 2: Even at a high concentration of about 150 mg / L,
     even one dose is "only 3 Yen or less"

Even if it says that the price is 6000 Yen, even if you buy it once,

drink a high concentration of silicon water "1 liter"

of about 150 mg / L  every day for 6 years and 9 months.  

既存の水溶性ケイ素濃縮液は500ccに 4190mg のケイ素含有なので『1單りは5.16円』、
ケイ素の単価比較では 5.16÷0.016=322.5 となり、
シリカシンターは、水溶性ケイ素UMOなどに比べ  1/300 の価格 です。

★ If you compare prices per mg of silicon with existing water soluble silicon concentrate,
Since the existing water-soluble silicon concentrate contains 4190 mg of silicon in 500 cc,

"5.16 Yen per 1 mg"
Since silica sinter contains 374,800 mg of silicon in one bag, "0.016 Yen per 1 mg"
In comparison with silicon unit price, 5.16 / 0.016 = 322.5,

Silica sinter is a price of 1/300 compared with water-soluble silicon UMO etc.


【a formula】

From the comparison table of unit price per 1 mg below,
Because the unit price of 1 mg is 0.016 Yen, 0.016 × 150
If it is 150 mg a day 0.016 × 150 = 2.4 Yen per day.
The volume is 1,100,000 mg, the amount of silicon is 374880 mg, 374880 ÷ 150 = 2499 days worth
2499 ÷ 365 ≈ 6.8 years
You can use it for about six years and nine months even if you consider the amount to be reduced by the first wash.


Part 3: If you put it overnight, it will have the same level of redox potential

as government-approved rare spring water
Residual chlorine compounds also disappear,

there is also reason to be safe and drink good body health.


 Silica sinter 300 g, 1 liter of tap water in 24 hours
ORP Redox potential =
141 mV, alkalinity pH = 7.65
It becomes delicious and good for the body water.
(Measured at Raw materials Research Institute)



★ The most disturbing "turquoise water calcium (chlorine content)" disappears in only about 5 minutes.

■ How to eat ■​
Silica sinter (シリカシンター) 300gを1リットルの水道水に浸し、
  If you enjoy as "Silicon Water" or "Silica Water".
When 300 g of Silica sinter (silica sinter) is immersed in 1 liter of tap water and placed overnight,
1 liter of high concentration silicon water of about 150 mg / L is completed.
◆At the time of delivery, the silica sinter is subjected to masking processing (material: fine particles of the silica sinter itself) to prevent dust, waterproof, and mold proof at the time of manufacturing "one by one".
Rinse with water before using it in a pitcher etc and use it.

  ★ In addition to drinking, please also use , soup, rice cooker, various dishes using water as a whole.

★ What is the cost performance you care about? What?
■ Compare unit price per 1 mg of silicon product■
との1mg当たりのケイ素の単価をSilica sinterと比較しますと下記の表のようになります。
5.16÷0.016=322 つまり 1/300の価格です。

Here, products that are famous for silicon related products currently on the market
"Water-soluble silicon" which is sold as a soft drink made by extracting silicon from quartz,
Compare 117 mg / L out of "Silica water" containing silicon from the mountain,
"Silica water" with the highest content with
Silica sinter per mg, as shown in the table below Become.
★ If compared with existing water soluble silicon concentrate,
from the table below (February 2018 survey) to
5.16 ÷ 0.016 = 322 That is the price of 1/300.
 ケイ素の1mg当たりの単価では、断然 安い!!
It is reasonably cheap
by unit price per 1 mg of silicon!


★An example of a happy letter from a customer posted on SNS:


■ What is the product development company?

   〜〜Here we will explain the safety of the ingredients
      and the manufacturing process of the ingredients 〜〜
(The store manager went to the manufacturing company to interview, and I asked directly from the development staff "researcher's intention" and development confidential story, so I will explain its contents.
This company, after graduating from a graduate school of physics at a national university representative,
It was founded after working at a major listing electric company laboratory.
Representative said that '
scientists must contribute for the sake of the world'
〜We asked the person in charge of development 〜
(開発ご担当) 「この商品は、ケイ素の特長を徹底的に研究して製造しました。
シリカシンター なのです。」
(In charge of development)
"This product was manufactured by thoroughly studying the features of silicon.
Silicon is important as a fundamental element of human life organization, but no matter how good a commodity it is, if prices are high, people with low income can not enjoy all the benefits.

In other words,
It was the silica sinter that was born in the philosophy that

"it is meaningless at high prices even if you make good ones. "
◆ Rationale of development ◆
  [List contents when visiting the maker]

 (店長) 質問ですが、ケイ素溶出セラミックSilica sinter (シリカシンター)の開発根拠は何ですか?
  (Store manager)
Although it is a question, what is the basis for the development of silicon eluting ceramic Silica sinter?
 (メーカーご担当) ケイ素は人間の生命組織に関する根源元素で重要なことから、

「水溶性ケイ素」  ペットボトル入りの「シリカ水」 等が有名なのですが、


(Manufacturers in charge)
Since silicon is important as a fundamental element relating to human living tissue,
Currently, there are more cases to see in health food specialty stores and department stores,
are famous, but when using it every day, both will cost 100,000 yen or more per year.In the product group used for drinking, "water soluble silicon" and "silica water" with plastic bottle etc
From our scientists, whatever we think, "raw material should be a silicon compound"
If you sell it as a product that you can use cheaply looking for a safe silicon compound for drinking,
I began to explore the raw material of silicon by thinking that people of the world will be pleased.


In starting,
we investigated the location of silicon raw material to the staff members, and created and distributed "manga illustration" which can understand the production process of the product in the Japanese market at a glance.When conducting raw material consideration of silicon in our laboratory,It's a bit embarrassing to show me by hand, but would I still show it if it's okay?
 (店長) 是非とも、お願い致します。…と言って、頂戴したのが、このイラストです。
(Manager) All means, please. ... I told you that this illustration is what I got.
(● It seems that there are plenty of silicon in various plants even though places and mines and rivers drawn on illustrations are obviously taken.

 (メーカーご担当) このイラストにありますように、実はケイ素は色んな採集方法があります。


(Manufacturer's responsibility) As you can see in this illustration, there are various collection methods of silicon in fact.

Among them, our developed products compare the unit price of "per 1 mg of silicon" with "water-soluble silicon" used as the same drinking water and "silica water" with plastic bottle so that comparison can be easily understood · By pursuing, we pursued offering at a low price.



ペットボトル入りか 水道の蛇口から出てくるか
ケイ素の含有量が 多いか 少ないか
そのまま飲むと 消毒用カルキ(主成分=塩素化合物)が気になる。


Explaining that while watching an easy-to-understand illustration,From left to right,"Silica water" with a plastic bottle,It seems to have been commercialized putting in Yamakawa and spring water as a raw material in a plastic bottle at the factory.
Here, if you examine the difference between "water of PET bottle" and "tap water" well,The difference when consumers drink at home,
Do you come out of a faucet in a plastic bottle or a water supply
Whether the silicon content is high or low
If you drink as it is, you are concerned about disinfecting kaluki (main ingredient = chlorine compound).It seems like that.


In the silicon water product group containing PET bottle, the silicon content is currently the largest in Japan, it is said to be the product called "Silica water (PET bottle)", so it was chosen as the cost performance comparison target .
Next, although it is a product called "water-soluble silicon" in the illustration,
In the explanation of the manufacturing company, it seems that it is an aqueous solution of "silicon" obtained by dissolving quartz produced from the mountain at a high temperature of 2000 ℃ and extracting it.

However, there are companies that sell products classified as "soft drinks" and are sold,
Actually, with common sense of physics and chemistry, it should be "strong alkalinity beyond the standard of drinking water" if extracted by such a method.


So, purchase several kinds of products sold as this water-soluble silicon product from the Internet,After removing the stock solution from the container and measuring the pH value showing acidic or alkaline⇒ "Its pH value ranged from 11 to 12" proved to be strongly alkaline.Because it showed "strong alkalinity" at the same level as the groundwater which was clarified by Toyosu relocation issue and chemicals used for cleaning sewage pipe, how is guidance from the Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau, Consumer Agency and Public Health Center It is unknown whether it is, but it is thought that humans should not drink as it is.

However, many "water-soluble silicon" are also sold at shopping sites such as Amazon,
We do not think that it is strongly alkaline, and regarding this "water-soluble silicon"
It is Amazon's "existing water soluble silicon" product, the cheapest and most famous shopping site in Japan,
We compared and compared the cost performance of silicon.
  And this is the result of calculating the unit price of silicon 1 mg.
ケイ素溶出セラミックSilica sinter (シリカシンター)の研究で
What do you want to emphasize most in our research
on silicon eluted ceramics Sliica sinter?
  The details will be below.
  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 
『 Silica sinter (シリカシンター) の最大の特長を『ひと言』で申しますと

When expressing the greatest feature of "Silica Sinter" even in "one word"
Silicon product that left "three-dimensional structure" peculiar to natural silicon = silicate
That is to say.
<Silicon is a three-dimensional structure that exists in nature,

it exerts its power! >
If the silicon-containing material does not have a three-dimensional structure, "the electric action by ionization in water" occurring only in its three-dimensional structure hardly occurs,
We can not expect much removal of chlorine when using tap water or ion exchange capability in the body.
Even though it is said to be silicon, in the natural world, silicon dioxide (silica = SiO 2),
silicic acid (mainly = H 2 SiO 3)
Any one of silicate (= sodium silicate or potassium silicate, which refers to a substance having a three-dimensional structure in nature)
It can exist only in the state.
【★ The reason why silicon can demonstrate its power
 when it is a three-dimensional structure is detailed in "Frequently Asked Questions". 】

"Incidentally, it is artificially generated only by elemental Si of silicon molecules, and as much as 100% (= 99., After 9) are used for the power generation panel base of solar power generation We are in the purity of 99.99%
"Terahertz waves" are out, so they are used as a treatment tool in healers and beautiful skin salons. "
Silica sinter (シリカシンター)という鉱物セラミック製品になりました。
Therefore, we do not break this three-dimensional structure and furthermore the Japanese government finishes it as a component which it considers safe for drinking, in order to eliminate dust and bacteria in the mineral, the pressure is in the range of 1 to 10 atm, the temperature is 100 to 800 ° C.,
We processed + experimented the ore taken out from the mine harvesting place under various conditions and got the optimum value.

I do not announce it here because it has a trade secret relationship,
When treated at "a certain temperature and certain pressure", it became a mineral ceramic product called Silica Sinter, in which the three-dimensional structure was conserved, easily disintegrated with water and silicon eluted.
★ The raw materials were confirmed by ourselves, but the ore produced in Japan safe.
 ≪ 実 験 経 緯 は?≫
«What is the experience? »
★ In the experiments conducted, which ore is the fastest "silicon" in the silicon-containing mineral ore?
It is an experiment called.


  Since the survey of the predecessor found that many minerals containing silicon already existed, we used the conditions that easy elution of silicon can be done using tools that are easily available at ordinary households Assuming,
In the environment which can be done by ordinary people who are not scientists, the same amount of silicon-containing ore gathered from all over the world was put in observation and the degree of dissolution of silicon was observed and measured.
The target materials are granite, barley stone, black silica, etc in various parts of the world
The rock was found to contain 60% or more of silicate.

Put the ore selected as a PET bottle, put tap water from the top,
We confirmed the taste by ourselves, screened ore of taste and smell that we could drink,

We measured the elapsed time versus elution with more than 20 selected silicon-containing minerals.
Silica sinter (シリカシンター)でした
As a result,
Silica sinter was the best dissolution degree of Si (silicon)
Silica sinter (シリカシンター)は、国が認める飲用可能成分と表示しています。
For this ore, we checked whether eluted silicon can be used for drinking (food)
It was clarified as "ingredients of 365 items prescribed in the Food Sanitation Law and Nutrition Improvement Act" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Therefore, Silica sinter (silica sinter) is indicated as a drinkable ingredient that the country recognizes. (Since it turned out that the country admitted the safety of ingredients, now we also supply raw materials for silica sinter to food companies.)

By the way, there are no mention in M element table specified by country.

Finally, the concentration of silicon dissolved in water from the silica sinter,
We request analysis at the Food Analysis Center of a third-party analytical institution recognized by the country,
As evidenced below, we made it "evidence of dissolution"


Furthermore, more than one year has passed since the start of the research until sales,
Since we are proud to be a member of scientists,
Even if you know that it will dissolve in the water of the container until it saturates in the theory,
In order to prove it, there is no choice but to experiment,
The dissolution experiment was conducted for more than 1 year, and the elution concentration after 1 year was also theoretical,
I changed the water every day at the same time and confirmed it over a year.
We also requested analysis from this food analysis center of a third party analytical institution,
I also have the analysis data.
(This is a maker talk.)

  (★ We graphed the figures we got from manufacturers for ease of understanding.)

  (★ We graphed the figures we got from manufacturers for ease of understanding.)

★ The time history shown by the dissolution degree graph is downward since the time agrees with the theory.
In other words,
I have proved that it melted constantly every day, constantly!​
  a word from the store manager "

In the NASA of the United States from the time of the Apollo plan from the astronaut's meal,
It is reported that calcium is not effective and "silicate mineral" is effective,
Even now NASA is used for drinking such as meals.
(★ This thing has already been introduced frequently in the television and magazines since the 1990s in Europe and the United States, it is a famous story.)


"For children growing up and middle-aged people
(nutrition supply)"
"To nutrition supply while dieting"
"Busy and irregular meals (nutrition supply)"
"How to do sports"
"To those who want to keep fit"
If you are thinking "for beauty"
 是非とも 今すぐ ご注文ください。
Please order now by all means!

 Because the raw material is natural and it is manufactured
 in small medical institution,
It is a product that mass production can not be done either
 欲しいと思ったら⇒ご注文は 今すぐ!
 ⇒ If you want it ⇒ Order now!
 朗報!自宅でシリカ水が 毎日格安で飲めるケイ素溶出セラミック
1回分は、約150咫殖の高濃度でも『僅か 3円以下

Silicon is known to be good for maintaining health and eliminating toxins. 
However, annual use of plastic bottled silica water etc. is expensive.
But there is good news.

  It is a guide of the product name
Silica sinter (silica sinter)".


販売価格 何と 6000円
【お得サイズ 1100g入り】
(定価 10,000円)

Selling price now is

               6,000 Yen
[Advantageous size 1100 g;
(List price 10,000 Yen)]


(In addition, free shipping) Price includes consumption tax


Raw material is 100% natural ingredients, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare acknowledges safe materials.
Developed by a company that provides this material as a raw material for food
Silicon eluted quartz ceramic.

ご注文は 今すぐ コチラ から
Order from here

       right away

Now we are selling at extended campaign prices! In addition, we offer a great set

 ●2袋セット:表示の備品付き 11,000円     ●3袋セット:表示の備品付き 15,600円
 ●2 bag set: 11,000 yen with display equipment   ●3 bag set: 15,600 yen with display equipment


★ With equipment is only delivery in Japan. 


  ■Frequently asked questions & answers collection■
 Before that, the safety of the main silicate of silica sinter is as follows.
 ◆(*注01) シリカシンターの主成分「ケイ酸塩」

(* Note1) Main ingredient of silica sinter "silicate"
It is a component contained in the roster prescribed in Article 2, paragraph 4 of the Supplementary Provisions of the Act (1995 Act No. 101) amending part of the Food Sanitation Law and Nutrition Improvement Act of 1995,
As of May 6, 2011, 365 items were recorded,
According to "Research on safety assessment of existing additives (Survey in Heisei 8 years)",
Since it was judged that the safety is high, the safety report
It is one of the ingredients listed on the continuing list.


Question 1, I am thankful that silicon can be used cheaply with tap water,
Why is silicon water made possible as natural mineral water?

 ◆ Answer 
Consumer people, "Mineral water" sold in plastic bottles,
I think that there are more "various minerals" than tap water,
Actually, as for the tap water, as illustrated in illustration A of this main part, water coming out of the mountain River in nature

We use

I sterilize it and sterilize it and send it to my house etc. by running water after making it safe water,
"Calcium = chlorine raw material" is mixed in measures against bio-bacteria etc. by any chance.
In other words, the water before sending in the tap water is the same treatment as "mineral water" sold in PET bottles.

ですから、水道水をSilica sinter (シリカシンター)で塩素を除去すると、

Therefore, when chlorine removal of tap water with Silica sinter (silica sinter)
I will return to the original natural mineral water.
Moreover, although it is not publicly publicized for some reason, there is a comparison table of the mineral content of tap water and famous mineral water, so I will post it.
If you look at this table, you can feel the wonderfulness of tap water in Japan.

 From above
Water hardness
東京都の水道料金は、1立方メートルで約300円なので、1m3(立方メートル)は、1000 L(リットル)ですから、

As you can see from this table,
Neither tap water nor mineral water with PET bottle seems to have a big difference in mineral content.
 By the way, since the amount of water fee in Tokyo(The leftmost "Tap water in Tokyo") is about 300 yen at 1 cubic meter, 1 m 3 (cubic meter) is 1000 L (liter), so 1000 liters is 300 yen.
In other words, 1 liter is only 0.3 yen.

On the other hand,
Bottled mineral water,
Even cheap shops are about 105 yen at 1.5 liters, about 70 yen at 0.5 to 1.0 liters.
This is compared with "0.3 liter of tap water is 0.3 yen"
Bottled mineral water is about 230 times the price of tap water.

自宅でシリカ水が 毎日3円以下で飲める ケイ素溶出セラミック
150/Lのシリカ水を作るのに必要なケイ素の原料費は、広告文の説明通り 0.016円なので、
必ず、水道水が1リットル分=0.3円がかかるので 合計で 
3円以下で飲める と表示しています。

The advertisement headline of our shop,
Silicone water at home is made of silicon eluted ceramic which can be drunk at less than 3 yen per day because silicon raw material cost necessary to make 150 mg /
Since it is 0.016 yen as described in the ad text, it is 150 x 0.016 = 2.4 yen,
Always take 0.3 liter of tap water = 0.3 yen,
It is indicated that it can be drunk for less than 3 yen in total.
 質問2 私は、1リットルのペットボトルに300gのシリカシンターを入れ1000佞凌綟賛紊鮖藩僂掘

Question 2 
I put 300 g of silica sinter into a 1 liter PET bottle and made it at a concentration of 150 mg / L using 1000 t of tap water, what should I do to increase the concentration further?



◆ Answer 
When asking the developer,
"When 100 grams of silica sinter is put into about 10000 water,
Silicon water with concentration of 50 mg / L can be formed. Therefore, please adjust by that rate. "apparently.

Here, introduction of amazing technique

If you calculate by the rate you asked to the manufacturer,
When trying to make silicon water at a concentration of 500 mg,
In a 2 L plastic bottle or a petite etc, 1000 g of silica sinter, put all of the bags, soak it in 1000 cc water and have to wait overnight.

As I asked the manufacturer about this,

"There is a« great technique », actually done in the experiment in the house,
The result is also measured at the analysis center, there is also evidence. It is said that,
A great technique can actually make "high concentration = about 500 mg / L of silicon water" easily.

What it is!

「その場で シャカシャカと 2〜3回振り、少々濁った状態の水になりますが、

With the silica sinter remaining at the prescribed 300 g, put 1 liter of water and 300 g of silica sinter into a plastic bottle
"While shaking the container 2 to 3 times on the spot, it will be a little cloudy water,
So it is about 500 mg / L of silicon water. "

The measured value is the analysis table below.
The analysis value of 456 ppm is displayed.
 店長がメーカーさんに「じゃあ、1晩寝かさなくても いいのではないですか?」

The manager says to the manufacturer "Well, is not it ok if you do not have to wait one night?"
As I asked,
"If you shake the container you can make a high concentration of silicon water, but since the power of each person is different,
Since it is not possible to determine a stable value of 150 mg / L, from the standpoint of a scientist,
We do not recommend if you drink 150 mg / L.

However, if you want to drink a high concentration of silicon water in a hurry, there is no other way to shake it. "
I was fortunate if it could be helpful.

Question 3,
Even with measurement with a PDP reagent in about 5 minutes after dipped in tap water, "remaining chlorine is gone"
And, why is such a magical thing happening?

◆ Answer 
Consumers also know that you know, but if you turn off the calk matter,
It is a good answer to put tap water in a yakan or pot and leave it for several hours.

2 H C l O ? 2 H C l + O 2 の変化をしています。
これは 酸素ガスと 塩酸ですから 水の中では
H C l → (H+) + (Cl-) のように極々微量の塩酸の水溶液となります。
つまり、HCl→ (水素イオンH?)+(塩素イオンCl?)となります。

Actually, the main component of the disinfectant of tap water called kalki etc. = hypochlorous acid (chemical formula HClO) itself is unstable and easily decomposed in aqueous solution, like the disproportionation formula
"Gradually decompose as hydrogen chloride", and in the tap water that came out from the faucet
2 H C 1 O? 2 H C 1 + O 2 is changing.

This is oxygen gas and hydrochloric acid, so in the water
It becomes an extremely slight amount of hydrochloric acid solution like H C 1 → (H +) + (Cl -).
That is, it becomes HCl → (hydrogen ion H?) + (Chlorine ion Cl?).
I was fortunate if it could be helpful.

And, it is being questioned using this formula
"Why do chlorinated compounds for tap water disinfection disappear in about 5 minutes
 with silica sinter?
This section explains.


«Before that,

please know that it is the law to put chlorine compounds in tap water. »
After the war, according to Japanese law, the standard of chlorine in Japan "chlorine remains at home faucet more than 0.1 ppm"
In the current Tokyo Metropolitan Government Web site, too,
"Water Quality Target on Delicacy" was established independently,
The residual chlorine concentration is set to the necessary minimum 0.1 mg / L or more and 0.4 mg / L or less. "
And posted.
If our store manager living in Tokyo also measured tap water at home, it was "about 0.15 mg / L".
From here, I will tell you important information that almost none of the other companies have explained.


First of all, when you explain correctly about "residual chlorine" you are concerned about,
In order to measure it, I use a well-known residual chlorine test reagent called DPD reagent,

『単なる塩素イオン』との反応ではなく『毒性のある塩素化合物』との反応 だったのです。
Actually, the reaction of the chlorine component of the DPD reagent (which most consumers thought) to the discoloration of this "pink color"
It was not a reaction with "simple chlorine ion" but a reaction with "toxic chlorine compound".

To say what it is,
The chlorine compound that the waterworks department uses for disinfection is "hypochlorous acid"
The DPD reagent was discolored to "pink" in response to "hypochlorous acid" in the tap water.

That is, it is not the result of the reaction with "chlorine ion = (Cl -)" that you imagined.
Therefore, even if the chlorine compound of tap water disappears, "chlorine ion (Cl?)" Remains.

And what I would like to say strongly here is that "chlorine ion = (Cl-)"
It is a very important ingredient for maintaining human life.

The salinity concentration of blood is 0.9% in terms of sodium chloride,
With no chlorine ions the blood will not function,
High concentrations of hydrochloric acid (HCl) Are contained in stomach acid that digests what you ate,
I am sterilizing and digesting food.

As you say,
If Cl (-) Is not contained in the body, blood will not function, rather than stomach acid.
Because the living things in the sea live in an aqueous solution of "NaCl = Salt"
If "chlorine ion = (Cl-)" Is a poison, life does not exist in the sea.


Silica sinter (シリカシンター)で塩素化合物を塩素イオンと水素と酸素に変化させる化学式』を簡単に

Although commentary has become longer,
like our website's website it is easier for consumers to understand,
It says "Chlorine will disappear in about 5 minutes", but,
If you explain correctly and carefully,
"About 5 minutes, chlorine compounds harmful to the body disappear,
It is harmless and it is decomposed into necessary chlorine ions, hydrogen and oxygen for the body. "
It will be that.
Finally, I asked from the development maker
Simply show "Chemical formula that changes tap water from Silica sinter (silica sinter) to chlorine ion, hydrogen and oxygen"

(★a b c d m n s k x y zなどは、数価)
 2 H C l O → 2 H C l + O 2
(1) 2 H Cl O + 2Na  →  2 NaCl + O2 + H2
(2) 2 H Cl O + 2K  →  2 KCl + O2 + H2

Silica sinter is
(mCa, nK2, sNa2) (xAlSi5yO12z + aAl2Si7bO18c) 2 · dH2O
(★ a b c d m n s k x y z etc. are numerical values) is a mineral (compound).
As this silica sinter is charged negatively as described above due to its three-dimensional structure,
(★ In chemistry, there is one more floating electrons.)
When this silica sinter was immersed in tap water,
Ca and Mg in tap water are ion exchanged with silica sinter
Na + and K + in the silicon structure of the silica sinter are released.
(★ Current physics · chemistry is explained in this theory.)
Hypochlorous acid performs the following natural decomposition
 2 H C 1 O → 2 H C 1 + O 2
 It is promoted by Na and K
(1) 2 H Cl O + 2 Na → 2 NaCl + O 2 + H 2
(2) 2 H Cl O + 2 K -> 2 KCl + O 2 + H 2
(★ Because these chemical formulas are chemical formulas published by the development company for the first time in the world,
I searched for it on the Internet, but the reaction formula between hypochlorous acid and Na or K really did not come out. 

NaCl と KCl は水中で イオン化しますので
Na+ や K+ や Cl- となり、人体に必要なミネラルになります。

Since NaCl and KCl ionize in water
It becomes Na+, K+ And Cl-, And it becomes the mineral necessary for the human body.

And this is also the reason why
"silicon can not be put out if it has no three-dimensional structure".

To say what it is,
The silicon molecule alone can not exist as 'Si' in nature, and it always exists in the following form.
これが最小単位です。上から見ると下記のように見えますが 簡単に描けるようにとしますと
This is the smallest unit. Looking from the top, it looks like the following,
but as so that you can draw easily

The three-dimensional structure which can be the first in the property of silicon is
below, but the molecule that can be incorporated in the center is one.


(★ In the product called water - soluble silicon, silicon is made into a single state of
due to the addition of a strong alkali component at the production stage, so you can not incorporate one mineral molecule.)

Silica sinter (シリカシンター)は、のケイ素の基本的立体構造が、

Silica sinter (silica sinter) has the basic three-dimensional structure of silicon 
Since it is stacked further up and down and left and right, it has the shape like the following .


A part of it was mentioned above, but silica sinter has a sodium like
Actually it is charged negatively.

That is, since silica sinter has a three-dimensional structure and contains (Na + ion)
As in the chemical formula above
Chalki = Main ingredient: Hypochlorous acid can be chlorinated and detoxified.
 今回ご案内のSilica sinter (シリカシンター)
 この事で、Silica sinter (シリカシンター)水道水の塩素化合物を消去できる優位性が解ります。

"Water soluble silicon" sold as a soft drink made by extracting silicon from quartz
  "Silica water" containing silicon with the highest content of 117 mg / L among silicon-containing "silica water"
  Silica sinter (Silica Sinter)
 When comparing the detoxification effect of tap water against chalk (ingredient: hypochlorous acid)
 ★ Since the content of the water-soluble silicon itself is merely a collection of silicon dioxide,
It is not possible to detoxify hypochlorous acid contained in tap water by chlorine ionization.
 ★ "Pure water" with "PET bottle" contains "silicon" in its inclusion, but as anyone thinks
Even if "Pure water" is added to tap water with "Pure water bottle", Chloride ionization of remaining chlorine compounds can not be done with a small amount.
 By this we can understand the superiority of Silica sinter (silica sinter) to eliminate chlorine compounds in tap water.

 質問4シリカシンターと「既存の水溶性ケイ素」や「ペットボトル入り シリカ水」と価格比較で

Question 4
Although it was well understood that silica sinter's "0.016 yen per 1 mg" is cheap by comparison with silica sinter and "existing water soluble silicon" or "silica water containing PET bottle" in price,
How is the comparison with overseas goods silica tablets supplement and silica liquid supplement?
 ケイ素の錠剤のサプリや液体サプリメントがありますが それとの価格比較をしました。
●ケイ素サプリ錠剤: 500咫180個は、
構造式から重量換算すると ケイ素1mgあたり0.61円

◆ Answer
  There are supplements of silicon tablets and liquid supplements,
I compared price with it.

As a result,
● Silicon supplement tablet: 500 mg × 180 pieces is 2050 yen,
Because it is indicated that 40 mg of SiO 2 is contained in one piece,
It is 0.61 yen per 1 mg of silicon when converted from the structural formula by weight.

● Liquid supplement "Germany sale" 500 ml is 8424 yen,
In the display, since the content as "silicic acid" is "2.47%",
From the structural formula of silicic acid H 2 SiO 3, the weight of silicon is 27.4 yen.

By the way, silica sinter is 0.016 yen 171 times, the medicine is profitable translation.
Question 5
In addition to drinking as "Silicon Water", is there any other way to use it?
  Silica sinter (シリカシンター)ので作った『ケイ素水』でご飯炊けば、

  ◆ Answer
  If you cook rice with "Silica water" made with Silica sinter,
I think whether you feel that it has become more delicious than usual.
By all means, when using dishes such as rice, coffee, tea, miso soup, etc. please use any.
Question 6
May I let you drink a pet dog or a cat, not just for human beings?

◆ Answer
  Since it has become "natural mineral water" which kalchy disappeared,
Pet dogs and cats by all means, please let me drink.

By the way, growing up with this water seems to be good for plants, growing diet edible radish and alfalfa which grows at the table, growth grows considerably earlier, there are things that grow as much as a week in a week.
 朗報!自宅でシリカ水が 毎日格安で飲めるケイ素溶出セラミック
1回分は、約150咫殖の高濃度でも『僅か 3円以下

Good thing to everyone who is thought that

"water soluble silicon" and "silica water" with plastic bottle is familiar,

but "It is very expensive when used yearly".
Silica eluted ceramic that can be drunk at a price of 3 yen or less daily
for silica water at home

  It is a guide of the product name
Silica sinter (silica sinter)".


販売価格 何と 6,000円
【お得サイズ 1100g入り】
(定価 10,000円)

Selling price now is

               6,000 Yen
[Advantageous size 1100 g ;
(List price 10,000 Yen)]


(In addition, free shipping) Price includes consumption tax


Raw material is 100% natural ingredients, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare acknowledges safe materials.
Developed by a company that provides this material as a raw material for food
Silicon eluted quartz ceramic.

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